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Why It’s Important to Have a Well Women Health Check Up

Why is it important to have a Well Women Health Check up? A regular checkup is the cornerstone of preventive care for women. A well-woman exam includes gynecological and breast screening tests. It’s an opportunity to discuss sexual health and contraceptives, as well as prevent and treat certain diseases. The well-woman exam also involves talking to your doctor about your overall health and discussing any past or current illnesses.

It’s also a great way to establish a relationship with your doctor. Women’s health providers are able to follow a patient over time, and can pick up on issues that other providers may miss. You’ll usually discuss any illnesses that have occurred since your last visit, as well as any changes in your lifestyle. Your provider may ask you questions about the changes in your body as you age, your period, and any other important factors. Your doctor may also recommend a vaccination against HPV, which can lead to cervical cancer.

Your doctor may ask you questions about any symptoms you’re experiencing, including vaginal or vulva bleeds. During your well visit, she will perform a pelvic exam and discuss other aspects of your health. You will also be asked about your sex habits and if you’ve had a history of genital warts or other diseases. Additionally, she may ask about your medications, allergies, and surgery.

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