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Where Can I Get a Professional Opinion on My Website Design?

Intechnic is a creative agency that specializes in user experience, branding, web design, and digital marketing. They have built successful websites, software, apps, and brands for over 20 years. Their focus is on solving problems and creating websites that are both attractive and functional. They can give your website a new look and increase traffic. They have helped countless businesses and individuals with their design and marketing needs.

Taoti Creative is a Chicago-based digital agency specializing in responsive web design. Their design philosophy is to make the web presence a natural extension of the brand. This includes conducting thorough research on your industry, competition, and audience, as well as developing a UI/UX sitemap. The company also collaborates with clients to develop a content strategy and design the visual elements of the website.

Colors play an important role in website design. They can evoke feelings, like happiness or sadness, and are used to set the tone for the website. When selecting colors for your website design, take into consideration your target audience and your company’s branding and the psychology of color. Colors play a crucial role in marketing and can have a huge impact on your audience’s reaction. 90% of snap judgments are based on color.

Usability is another critical element of a website. A good usability is important for brand perception, and feedback widgets can help you to improve your site’s usability. Fashion retailer Matalan recently redesigned its website to address usability concerns. They also A/B tested new features and saw a 17% increase in winning tests. The website has many features and functionalities that your customers can benefit from.

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