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Which Song Has Deep Lyrics?

Deep lyrics are a key part of music, but not all of them are easy to spot. Songs with deep lyrics can be misconstrued as being more about escapism or a love story. For example, “Summertime” by Sia may be mistaken for a party anthem, but in actuality, it speaks of addiction and alcoholism. Sia was left alone in a cab with her boyfriend and turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with the loss. Although the song has a deeper meaning, it has become one of the biggest party anthems in pop.

“Sweet Caroline” by Nick Jonas may be a love song at first glance, but the lyrics tell a different story. Nick Jonas is a type 1 diabetic and the song, “Sweet Caroline,” was written in less than twenty minutes. The lyrics made perfect sense when sugar was out of fashion. It’s easy to imagine the implications of the lyrics if you’re a person diagnosed with diabetes.

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