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Common Themes Found in Hip Hop Song Lyrics

If you’re not familiar with the words that make up hip hop songs, you’re in for a surprise. These songs often touch on social issues and the struggles of marginalized communities. But aside from the music and the beats, what are some common themes found in hip hop song lyrics? Read on to learn more. Here are some of the most common themes:

Many rappers discuss life in inner cities. Some of them discuss poverty, drugs, and violent behavior. These artists’ stories are inspirational for other youth struggling in similar situations. They show that they aren’t alone and can overcome the odds and achieve success. While they may not be promoting a political message, they’re giving their listeners hope that they can, too. They’re also providing hope to those who might otherwise be discouraged about their future.

Hip hop song lyrics need to be relevant and fresh. It should be relevant to the listener. Rap lyrics must change every four bars, otherwise they may get boring and irrelevant. Changing cadence, rhythm, rhyme scheme, and intensity of the song is crucial. In addition to that, rhyme schemes and flow need to be changed. Rap music should be fun and engaging, while addressing a variety of topics.

Rap songs are generally composed of two or three verses, each with an 8 or 16-bar chorus. The verses are generally eight to sixteen bars long, and are usually more lyrically dense than the chorus. Likewise, the chorus is often a few lines longer than the verse. The chorus is the most popular part of the song, and can make or break the entire piece. This can be a good thing for the listener.

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