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Can You Become a Nurse With an Exercise Science Degree?

If you’re interested in working with athletes, an exercise science degree may be a great fit for you. However, before you can become a nurse, you’ll have to finish a Masters or PhD program. If you don’t have any experience in the field, you can also pursue a Ph.D. program to specialize in sports medicine. This type of career path is becoming increasingly popular due to the high demand for qualified athletes.

An exercise science degree will prepare you to work as an athletic trainer. These professionals oversee the safety of athletes during sports events. They may also work in administrative positions, overseeing budget allocation, and strategic efforts. They are often on call on weekends and nighttimes. However, an exercise science degree will prepare you for more advanced positions as well. A master’s in exercise science can also prepare you for medical jobs related to movement. Some programs require that you already have an undergraduate degree, but others will not.

Besides working in a clinical setting, an exercise science graduate may pursue a career in the entertainment industry. For instance, they could become professional athletes, sports psychologists, or even coaches. According to the BLS, people who work in this industry earn a median salary of $52,380 annually. Despite these differences, an exercise science degree opens up a variety of career options, including self-employment as a fitness trainer or working in healthcare facilities during the day.

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