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How Do I Sell a Website Design to a Company?

Selling a website design to a company can be a tricky task. In this increasingly competitive market, you must ensure authenticity in order to stand out from the competition. Before contacting a prospective client, make sure you visit their website and carefully observe their web design portfolio. The company’s experience and credentials should be obvious to prospective clients. To ensure your credibility and ability to deliver what the client wants, you can show potential clients their work on your website or on a social media platform such as Behance.

You may have been tempted to price your website the same way you’d charge a client for your services. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t charge your clients accordingly. While selling your website design to a company can be a lucrative business, it is far from serving clients and selling results. To sell results and retain clients, you must offer additional services, skills, and knowledge.

Before talking about your website design, be prepared to answer the client’s questions about it. It isn’t the time to talk about the technical details of it. You must make sure the client is happy with your services and approves of the website. The client may like what he/she sees on your website, but may procrastinate on making a final decision. In such situations, follow-up is essential Urdughr

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